Brand New Replacement Carburetor for Honda Part # 16100-ZH8-822 and many others.  Fits Honda GX 160 (most spec numbers).  This is a PREMIUM Ruxing brand aftermarket carburetor.  They are the highest quality brand of all aftermarket replacement carburetors.  These carburetors work so well, you will find that your engine starts better and has a noticeably more stable and smooth idle performance.  We have sold thousands of these carburetors over the years and have had excellent feedback from our customers.  Do NOT confuse these carburetors with inferior aftermarket manufacturers.  We purchased too many of these carburetors and need to reduce our inventory.  Our mistake is your gain.  The original Honda part sells for over $70.  This carburetor retails for over $37.  We are blowing out our excess inventory of these carburetors at $14.95 each.  You must mention website promotion when ordering this carburetor.  Our part number is 50-101.                                            ****WHILE SUPPLIES LAST****